FeeQ® is the heart and soul of Feello. It's a very sophisticated way to arrive at a very simple result: the perfect match between a home buyer or seller and an agent. Behind the scenes, the magic of FeeQ is a blend of reliable, third-party data and AI-based, Deep Learning, compatibility analysis.


With FeeQ, buyers and sellers have the confidence that agents are being rated based on a wide range of real-world factors. And it’s the perfect way for agents to demonstrate their proven performance.


The compatibility matching comes from a set of questions about personality and preferences that each party answers. Those responses are then processed algorithmically in a highly sophisticated way.


Mix all that together and what do you get? A unique overall FeeQ score for both the buyer or seller and the agent to guide both parties toward a trusted and productive relationship.


What makes FeeQ even more powerful is that each match is dynamic and takes into account all aspects of location. So you'll know it's tailored to your exact situation and goals. FeeQ is your trusted source. There's simply nothing like it.