How It Works

1. Match

Smarter than just a referral, our proprietary FeeQ® algorithm matches you with agent prospects based on personality matching and their historical performance in your desired market.

2. Compare

Receive real time commission and rebate bids from the agents you were matched up with. Then select the agent you feel is the best fit.

3. Save

With Feello, sit back and watch the most qualified agents compete for your business, saving you thousands of dollars in commissions.


Feello is simple, quick and easy. Sellers simply enter basic info on their property like location, features, improvements and asking price. Buyers can specify a particular property or describe the attributes they’re seeking.

You’ll also have the option to answer a short set of questions (as does an agent). Through a sophisticated matching algorithm you’ll be aligned with agents who fit your profile. It’s another way you can have confidence that you’ll find agents you can trust.

Then agents respond to your opportunity. You’ll see their FeeQ score as well as a proposed commission percentage. You’ll be able to view their profile and respond to those you’d like to evaluate further.


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Reliable Data
You Can Trust

Make Smarter Decisions

Finally, a modern solution to a very old problem.

Feello has taken the guesswork out of real estate by integrating with the MLS, real estate value providers, geolocation services, and licensing organizations to ensure you're presented with impeccable data. That way you can make the best possible home buying and selling decisions.